Poem to the Newlyweds

Last weekend was the wedding celebration of a friend. He is a musician and she a dancer. They didn’t ask for gifts, but I wanted to give them something to show my appreciation for their friendship and art. So I came up with the idea of writing them something, and the following was what resulted from my moments of musing.


It’s a pleasure to give
a smile, some help
some art…

Gifts are powerful
because they come from the heart;
they are sincere, earnest.

Gifts are powerful
because they are for free.
When we give,
we don’t expect to get anything in return.

Receiving a gift
is like witnessing magic.
It’s unexpected and fulfilling.
It mysteriously transforms
coldness into warmth;
disappointment into joy.
It transforms souls.

When we dance,
when we sing,
we give,
we share
our very souls to others
and let people be transformed
by our art.

Making art is a gift,
and gifts transform.

Marriage is an act of giving.
We don’t expect to get anything in return;
we just give,
we just love.

All I wish for you
is to be a gift for each other,
as your art has been a gift for me.