Ten ways to fall in love with Seattle

1. Embrace the rain
Buy a North Face jacket
Puddle-jump around Green Lake
Never use an umbrella

2. Enjoy the summer
Buy a pair of Crocs
Boat on Lake Washington
Try SUPing on the Sound

3. Hike
Wear New Balance shoes
Admire nature
Camp often

4. Overcome the freeze
Expect neglect from acquaintances
Get used to online dating
Find friends on Craigslist

5. Drink coffee
Say you drink Starbucks
Due to lack of options
Discover boutique coffee shops

6. Love food
Get to know Tom Douglas
Do the Savor Seattle tour
Like seafood

7. Be a tree-hugger
Recycle always
Buy at farmers’ markets
Consider becoming vegetarian

8. Be a Sounders fan
Hang a scarf on your office wall
Go to Mariners games
Just to catch up with friends

9. Underdress
Go to work in jeans
Dress up
To impress

10. Have a dog
Ideally from a shelter
Play in your yard
Gather with other doggies

Please save these instructions
This is your manual
To get to appreciate
And love
This paradoxically dazzling city