First Lady of Shoes in the Bellevue Arts Museum

Last week I stopped by the Bellevue Arts Museum in Downtown Bellevue to see the “First Lady of Shoes” exhibit by Beth Levine. The shoes were beautiful and impressively innovative for the period (I would wear any of them today). In fact, just by looking at the shoes, you realize that Beth Levine’s designs surely was (and continues to be) an inspiration for designers of some today’s famous shoe brands (namely Salvatore Ferragamo, Tory Burch, Louis Vuitton and the plastic shoe star Melissa).

In the museum, I met this cute old lady named Barbara who was about to finish her shift as a museum guide and ended up introducing me to the shoe collection in the most amazing way. She was so excited to show me the details of each shoe, the technology behind each design that was captivating. “Look at all the crystals in this shoe! They were glued one by one,” she said. “And see this heel: it has no screw – it’s an innovative super-adhesive technology!”

The exhibit is worth a visit, especially if you are into fashion – although it may be a little disappointing to realize that the shoe designer you worship today is not that innovative after all.