Making the Most of My Entropy

No one, nothing will ever escape its entropic destiny. The universe is slowly moving towards its death, but despite the fate, life exists.

The earth still flourishes with order – from animal life to oceans’ currents, from forests to the weather system that sustains them, from human achievements in arts and science to the billions of microscopic events that emerge and wane unnoticeable.

There are so many mysteries to be discovered that I find it impossible to live in this planet and not be amazed. There’s beauty everywhere I look – an ant colony, the human brain, the abstractions of mathematics, the infinity of space… Life is too perplexing not to entice my curiosity!

From a cosmic perspective, human life is inordinately insignificant. But I want to make my short lifespan worth its existence. After all, nobody but myself will assess my level of happiness. It is the pleasure of searching, the thrill of discovery and the magic of awakening that drive me and will matter for me in the end.

I’ll happily fulfill my fate if I look back to my life from whatever dimension and realize that I had never taken things for granted, that I had been always driven by curiosity, wonder and search for truth.